California Gas Station Employee Sells Gas For 69 Cents, Gets Fired

Those were the days

Photo: Getty Images

In a time where the average gallon of gas costs around $5, it is refreshing to see anything in the $4 range, but this is another level. Residents of Rancho Cordova could not believe the deal that they were getting. According to KRQE, Shell manger John Szczecina, allowed gas to be purchased at the extremely low price of 69 cents for several hours; and the corporation was not happy about it.

Szczencina's sister, Paula Jackson, told KRQE that her brother made an obvious mistake in missing a number while speaking to a coworker. The gas prices were supposed to be set at $6.99 per gallon. Without bringing the mistake to the managers attention, customers that visited the Shell that day bought gas for several hours before any employees or management realized what was going on.

Szczecina was fired a few days after the incident occurred. Jackson set up a GoFundMe page to raise the money that was lost when her brother made a mistake with the gas price. The family worries that if they do not raise the money, Szczecina will be sued. KRQE detailed the total loss for the gas station to be around $20,000. $14,000 of the total has already been raised.

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