This Is The Best Place To Take A Solo Trip In California

Historic Griffith Observatory

Photo: Getty Images

For some, solo trips can be frightening. For others, they are just the rejuvenating escape that the doctor ordered. Wether or not you decide to embark on a solo trip, it is important to consider safety. This California destination is among one of the best places in the world to take a solo trip; not only because it is safe, but also for the views and once in a lifetime experience that is offered.

According to a list compiled by Thrillist, the best place to take a solo trip in California is Redding. This quaint town is known for being just as much of a destination location as it is an escape. Redding itself is filled with some of the most beautiful untouched nature scenes, waterfalls, and swimming holes.

Here is what Thrillist had to say about Redding, California:

"If you talk to someone about Redding, they’ll likely remember the Carr Fire and the destruction it caused in Northern California. But, as is typical with wildfires, new growth abounds from the ashes, and Redding is blossoming. Sure, Redding isn’t the hippest place to hang on the West Coast, but it’s not trying to be. It’s a town big enough to allow you to explore alone, but small enough that if you stay for a week, you’ll make friends with three bartenders and contemplate real estate costs on the outskirts of Shasta Lake."

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