These Seven Animals Are Illegal To Have As Pets In California

Portrait of a Iguana Lizard, western Cape, South Africa

Photo: Getty Images

Californians are allowed to house various pets after filling out the proper paperwork and obtaining permits, but there are some animals that are prohibited from holding this title. According to KTLA, animals prohibited to be pets of California residents all have one thing in common; They could be dangerous to surrounding property and wildlife.

The first animal that residents are not permitted to keep as a pet is a ferret. Ferrets are housed as pets in many households across the country, but it is illegal to have one as a pet in California due to how easy it is to loose them.

Another animal that is not allowed to be kept as a pet in California is a gerbil. Despite the climate being perfect for these rodents, the Mongolian gerbil could pose as an invasive species to other desert animals if it escaped into the wild. Other animals that are not allowed to be pets in California include hedgehogs, squirrels, monkeys, raccoons, and chipmunks. KTLA mentioned that the reasoning behind most of these animals not being allowed to be considered pets is because they are wild animals. Simply put, they belong outside of the home. Animals such as chipmunks and raccoons could pose as a threat to neighboring property because of their diets.

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