WATCH: 'Massive' Mudslide Plows Through California Mountain, Closes Roads


Photo: Getty Images

A family of San Bernardino County locals were driving through the mountains on Saturday afternoon when they were suddenly stopped by mother nature. As Garrett Rehmer and his family were traveling through Forest Falls on their way home from Big Bear, their trip was halted by a huge mudslide. According to KTLA, a flash flood hit the San Bernardino Mountains over the weekend, causing the mud to collect and run down the mountain. A few roads were closed as a result.

The Rehmer family stopped their car just before the site of the mudslide to capture the event on video. In the first half of the video, viewers see large trees and various tree trunks being whisked away into the mudslide as water plows throughout the land. The second half of the video focuses on people cleaning up the road, and shows what the road looked like after the mudslide ravaged the area.

KTLA mentioned that the particular flood that created the gigantic mudslide caused three children and four adults to be trapped near a stream. Rescue crews arrived on scene and pulled the trapped civilians to safety with a rope system. No one was injured as a result of the mudslide.

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