California Mom Tells High School Daughter To Punch Rival Basketball Player

Female High School Basketball Team Playing Game

Photo: Getty Images

Last November, an Orange County mother told her daughter to hit a 15-year-old rival basketball player during a high school game in Garden Grove. According to KTLA, after being charged with battery and contributing to delinquency, the mother now has to pay the victim of the attack $9,000 and write her an apology letter.

The incident started when the two girls got into a small altercation on the court earlier in the game. After the altercation, 44-year-old Latira Shonty Hunt shouted "you better hit her for that," to her daughter from the stands. Moments later, Hunt's daughter punched the other player in the face. Video footage of the game shows the victim being punched and immediately falling to the floor.

KTLA mentioned that Hunt faced the possibility of jail time, but the judge granted her a "misdemeanor diversion" instead. As part of the diversion, Hunt could avoid jail time if she completed a list of requirements that included writing an apology letter to the victim, paying $9,000 in restitution, and attending anger management classes before returning to the basketball games.

Hunt is not allowed to be in close proximity of the girl that her daughter punched.

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