California Destination Named Among 'Best Views In The World'

Photo: Getty Images

If you've been to this national park, you know that it is nothing short of amazing. From endless hikes and adventures to stunning landscapes filled with curious wildlife and captivating flora and fauna; a trip to this destination almost feels like a trip to another planet. Business Insider listed 50 places with the best views in the world and one California park made the list.

According to the list, some of the "best views in the world" can be found at Yosemite National Park. Other locations that made the list include the Region of Kotor in Montenegro, the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, the bioluminescent beach at Toyama Bay in Japan, the greater Blue Mountains in Australia, the Porto Venere Coast in Italy, and the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

A few other U.S. locations that made the list include Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, and the Fallingwater House by Frank Lloyd Wright in Pennsylvania.

Business Insider commented on Yosemite National Park's stunning views, specifically those of lakes, valleys, cliffs, and waterfalls abundant throughout the entire park. For those who have never been and are looking to visit, the park is located on the Eastern side of the state near the Nevada border, and it costs $35 to enter.

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