The Most Popular Snack In California

Chips and snacks on shelves in supermarket

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A snack (as defined by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health) is "any food eaten between main meals." Over the last century, Americans have taken the concept of "snacking" and turned it into an art form.

According to an article published by the National Museum of American History, snacking in the United States existed as early as the 1920s and became increasingly prevalent throughout the 50s with the rise of advertising, but didn't really take off until the late 70s. As the years went by and companies found new and improved ways to mass produce products and increase shelf life, the idea of a quick bite in between meals became a reality; one that would continue through time to what we know today as the snack aisle in our local grocery store. Despite thousands of options, there is one snack in each state known for being the best, most popular snack around.

According to a list compiled by Reader's Digest, the most popular snack food in California is guacamole.

Here's what Reader's Digest had to say about the most popular snack in the entire state:

"In a state practically synonymous with avocado, it’s no wonder the guac is so good. Golden Staters mash up the green stuff with just a sprinkle of salt, a splash of citrus and perhaps a pinch of onion."

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