The Only Thing That Makes This Baby Happy Is Wine

14 month-old Abigail Aybar started getting fussy at the table, her parents, Yssel Jaquez and Rafael Aybar, tried everything they could think of to make her happy, but nothing worked.

Their final attempt, which they told ABC News was only for a laugh, was to put a glass of wine in front of her, just to see if it would do anything, and miraculously, wine was just what Abigail needed to put the biggest smile on her face.

The video, posted on Facebook a few days ago by Abigail's father has since gone viral and currently has 20 million views and over half a million shares. 

Of course, some people aren't getting the joke, but Abigail's mom is setting the record straight. "[There are] many different opinions about the video and the fact that we 'give' wine to a baby. It's just a funny video and we've never provided alcohol to our kids and never will," Jaquez said.

Lol some people just can't enjoy a joke.

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