Six Flags offering $300 for 30 hours in a Coffin

Six Flags in St. Louis is celebrating 30 years of Fright Fest by offering a prize to someone who can last 30 hours in a COFFIN.

6 people will get to participate on October 13. They must stay in the coffin aside from a 6 minute bathroom break each hour, but they are allowed to have their cell phone in there with them. 

The grand prize for those 30 creepy hours??? ..... $300. And a pair of 2019 Six Flags passes valued at $114. So, you're basically getting paid $10 an hour to lay in a coffin. 

And here's the kicker - if more than one person makes it the full 30 hours, they do a DRAWING for the winner. That's right, only one person can win the $300 and passes..... I feel like they could provide that for any of the 6 that make it the full 30 hours!!! Can you imagine laying there for that long for NOTHING? 

This is a HARD PASS for me, but do YOU think it's worth it?? Let me know on twitter @bullsacramento & @amandaisonair 

Oh and if you're gonna be in St. Louis and you wanna sign up for this..... Here you go, have fun with that.

Amanda McGraw

Amanda McGraw

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