Tourist is safe after holding deadly blue-ringed Octopus!

A bucket list vacation for me is a trip down under! I've always wanted to visit Australia but, because I love learning about animals, I know that Australia is home to some of the most dangerous creatures on earth. For example, the box jellyfish, funnel web spiders, saltwater crocodiles, sharks, and many more that you can read about here! If you're travelling to Australia, it's definitely a good idea to know what animals to avoid. But one traveler did not get that memo...

In a video originally posted to Reddit, you see a hand holding what appears to be a gorgeous blue tinted tiny octopus. What that person probably didn't know is that it was a blue-ringed Octopus, one of the most deadly creatures in the ocean. It could have literally killed them in an instant. The Ocean Conservatory notes that the blue ringed octopus venom is "1,000 times more powerful than cyanide, and this golf-ball sized powerhouse packs enough venom to kill 26 humans within minutes." Oh my goodness!! This person is INCREDIBLY lucky that the Octopus did not sting them, despite them shaking their hand to get the octopus off at the end of the video. Learn from their mistake if you ever head to Australia!

Amanda McGraw

Amanda McGraw

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