Burger King offers $5 Monthly Coffee Subscription

If you love to get coffee on your way to work everyday, it can add up fast!! What if I told you you could get a coffee every single day and it would only cost you $5 a MONTH? Burger King just made that a reality with their new coffee subscription service!

The BK Cafe Coffee Subscription just launched on the Burger King App, which is the only way you can access it. A small coffee at BK usually costs $1, so for the subscription to basically pay for itself you'd only have to get coffee 5 times in a month. Now, if you REALLY want to take advantage of the deal and get the small coffee every single day - let's use the month of April as an example since we're almost through March - it would break down to LESS than 17 cents a day!! Heck of a deal!

BK says this is available at every location outside of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. It reminds me of when Wendy's offers junior size Frosty's for a YEAR when you spend $2 on a Frosty keyring (BRILLIANT, can Wendy's bring that back???) Now there isn't necessarily a CATCH... however, of course BK is hoping that while you pick up your super cheap subscription coffee, you will also be enticed by the rest of their menu and leave the drive-thru with a sandwich or two as well.

If this coffee subscription is sounding pretty good to you, download that Burger King app and go get caffeinated!

Amanda McGraw

Amanda McGraw

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