An Automatic Hair Curler Exists And It's Glorious

Courtesy: Conair

Courtesy: Conair

The amount of effort it takes for a woman to curl her hair is truly insane.

Half the time, after spending 20 or more minutes with your arms in the air twisting around a curling iron or wand, your hair doesn't even look the way you wanted it to.

Word of the Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret 2.0 has been circulating around the Internet for months. The fully automatic tool is $99 from Target and comes with two different sized chambers for loose or tight curls.

As seen in the review by YouTuber Meg O. below, the machine sucks your hair through its chamber, leaving users with perfect, consistent curls in just seconds. 

This could seriously change the way we do our hair. Technology, we love you.



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