How To Set Up Instagram's New Mute Feature

Instagram announced this morning that it will be testing out a new mute feature in the coming weeks. 

The ability to tune out annoying friends or family that you follow has been high on the priority list of Instagram users for years.

Once the mute option goes live, you will simply have to click the three dots that appear next to the account handle at the top of someone's page and select "mute posts," "mute stories" or "mute posts and stories" on the menu. 

Courtesy: Instagram

No one will know that you muted them and you'll still be able to manually view their profile and get notifications if they tag you in something. 

The Internet is overjoyed about being able to hide someone's posts from their feeds. This offers a customized experience that avoids the social consequences of unfollowing someone altogether.

You will be able to unmute a user at anytime.

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