Sleeping In On Weekends Can Lengthen Life

A study published in the Journal of Sleep Research on Tuesday claims to have found a link between how much sleep young people get and their chance of premature death.

Researchers tracked 30,000 subjects for 13 years and examined factors affecting mortality including gender, education, body mass index and disease. They also took into account habits like smoking, alcohol intake, physical activity, coffee intake , use of hypnotics (sleeping pills) and employment status.

They concluded that when someone under the age of 65 slept less than five hours on the weekend, their risk of dying went up.

Sleeping five hours or less on the weekdays, but opting to get extra shut eye on the weekends did not increase risk of death.

More than nine hours of sleep per night also increases someone's chance of croaking. 

Consistently snoozing six to seven hours a night throughout the week is the healthiest long-term.  

Who knew resting was so complicated!