Are Spicy Chips To Blame For A Teen's Gallbladder Issue?

The mother of a teenager from Tennessee who loves spicy snacks is blaming them for her daughter's health issues. 

Rene Craighead, a 17-year-old who lives in Memphis, ate four bags of chips like Hot Fries, Hot Cheetos and Takis every week.

While recently enjoying some chips, Craighead felt extremely sick and was taken to the hospital.

Craighead needed to have her gallbladder removed ... a medical issue the family is blaming on hot chips.

Spicy chips are banned from many schools across the country, and while they haven't been linked to gallbladder problems, doctors don't necessarily approve the snack for kids' consumption.

High fat snacks like chips can lead to obesity ... which can lead to the development gallstones.

All of the chip brands mentioned have put out statements saying their products are safe to eat, but those with sensitive stomachs should crunch with caution.

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