If You Want A Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, You Need To Bring Your Own Bun!

If you want a Popeye's Chicken Sandwich, you're going to have to help out a little bit!

Since it became a cultural phenomenon, Popeyes sold out. Now Popeyes has come up with a solution! They just launched a BYOB campaign. So now you must bring your own bun if you want a chicken sandwich! If you order the three-piece tenders, just pull out your bun and there's your chicken sandwich.

So, they are basically telling customers to still buy their chicken, but make their own sandwiches instead of restocking quickly! The chain even explained in their own BYOB video!

The company stated “Popeyes still has the best fried chicken in the game, so bring your own bun, order 3-piece tenders and voilà! You can make your own sandwich.”

Chicken lovers, what are your thoughts on Popeyes solution for now?! Are you going to BYOB?!

for now?!

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