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My Favorite Life-Changing Podcast!

I hope your week is off to an inspiring start!

I’m thankful to have spent an insightful zoom weekend learning from one of my longtime mentors, Dr John Demartini. Years ago, I attended John’s signature program, The Breakthrough Experience. That weekend, John’s insights in psychology and human behavior dramatically expanded my awareness, opened my heart wider than I ever dreamed possible, and irrevocably changed my life. 

After years of training under John, I was blessed to travel internationally and help facilitate his Demartini Method: The Tool with 1000 Uses, alongside him in his signature program, The Breakthrough Experience.   

John is a polymath and integrator of research from over 30,000 books across all the defined academic disciplines. His programs are devoid of any ra-ra. Rather, they facilitate deep integrative work that’s not for the faint of heart – Work that requires one to look within, beyond their pride, shame, facades, and personas, and more fully and honestly look at and love themselves and “others.” Every individual and event is our teacher. John shows you how to gratefully glean the lessons, no matter how challenging and difficult the “course.” Thank you, John, for another transformative weekend.  

While my daily focus continues to be my first love of radio, I still love to study, learn, and uplevel as consciously and consistently as I can. For me, that’s what weekends are for – for nourishment that expands my mind, and opens, extends and strengthens the capacity of my heart. It’s equally challenging and rewarding. It's also necessary for me to show up more fully, and connect more deeply, every time we reconnect. I hope you feel that in moments.  

I’m immeasurably grateful for my teachers over the years. Thank you, teachers, for continually doing your homework, and for sharing your acquired wisdom with so many of us. Thankfully, there is always more to for all of us to learn and apply. 

Recently my Relational Deep Dive expanded to include attachment theory - a separate body of relational work I have been studying to help me more fully understand relational dynamics. Attachment theory lifts another relational veil. Its explanatory power illuminates and brings clearly into view so many of the underlying dynamics and patterns that were previously “hidden.” 

It also presents me with the opportunity to more fully own, take equal responsibility for, and heal my own contributions to the repeating patterns in my relationships - and help other growth minded individuals do the same.     

This week I’m inspired to begin my certification in Integrated Attachment Theory as I am finding it to be another invaluable tool   for increasing awareness, understanding, embrace and love for both self and others. We can always learn a little more, love a little deeper, and serve and contribute from a place that feels a little more nourished and full. 

I hope you’re taking the time to regularly fill your cup, so that you may increasingly share your unique gifts, service and contributions with all of us. Thank you.

To Your Purpose.

As John would say… 

Love and Wisdom, 


*For more on Dr John Demartini's programs:

Or check out his podcast, "The Demartini Show" on our iHeartRadio App! 

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