Research Company Looks For Volunteers In Sacramento COVID-19 Vaccine Tests

A volunteer receives an experimental vaccine for COVID-19 coronavirus on July 14, 2020.

The Benchmark Research company is trying to recruit volunteers for COVID-19 vaccine trials in Sacramento.  "The current global pandemic of the coronavirus disease...has pushed vaccine research to the forefront," according to the company's website. "(We) are very excited that these trials are now starting!"

The company is looking for anyone 18-years-old and up to volunteer for these trials to evaluate both the safety and effectiveness of possible vaccines, but is it safe?

The vaccines being tested are similar to getting a flu shot, according to Benchmark Research CEO Mark Lacy. They can result in similar side effects like injection site rashes or flu-like symptoms. "But getting sick from a coronavirus vaccine is highly, highly unlikely," he insisted to KOVR TV.

Before joining a vaccine trial, you'll have to be qualified. The researchers say they'll consider your individual situation using what they call "inclusion" and "exclusion" criteria. That might include age, gender, your overall health, and any previous treatment history.

Benchmark does pay you for participating in research, but the company website indicates that payments vary depending on the nature and complexity of the trial. It's best to talk to them to determine how much they're paying for the coronavirus testing.

The company has two California locations in Sacramento and San Francisco. They have three locations in Texas, including Austin, Fort Worth, and San Angelo. A sixth office is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

If you're interested in volunteering for these studies, you may contact them at 1-888-902-9605 or fill out the "Participate in a Study" web form on their website. 

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