Mother Says CA Teen In Hospital Fighting COVID-19 Needs More Plasma

Frankie Quintana is definitely a fighter. The teenager has gone to the mat many times as a member of the Clovis High School wrestling team, but the fight he's in right now is for his life. Frankie is a COVID-19 victim and is currently breathing with the help of a ventilator at Valley Children's Hospital in Madera County, California.

Frankie's mother, Joanique Quintana, told KFSN-TV in Fresno that she doesn't know how he was exposed to the virus and that he was healthy with no medical conditions that might have made him more susceptible. She said her son began recently began to have trouble breathing and eventually had to be admitted to the hospital.

Frankie was fortunate enough to receive what's called a convalescent plasma infusion that has reportedly improved his breathing and even allowed him to start talking to his family. Convalescent plasma comes from donors who have recovered from the virus, but the American Red Cross has said that there isn't enough plasma available for such treatments right now.

Last week President Trump began urging recovered coronavirus patients to donate plasma to help find therapies and a vaccine. The President added that it's an urgent priority.

"Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston revealed via Instagram this week that he just recently recovered from the virus and donated plasma with the hope it can help other people.

Joanique is now also appealing to the public for more plasma donations, and said she doesn't know how her son would have made it this far in his recovery without the plasma treatment he received.

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