Starting at a small station in Rensselaer, Indiana, some 20 years ago, it's still hard to believe that I'm doing what I love after all this time! I actually started off as the part time news reporter/station mascot. That cat suit I wore sure was warm...too bad I always had to wear it in the dead of summer! I planned on going to college to major in communications...I never did get there, but I landed in the line of work that I always dreamed of...I guess sometimes, things work out how they should.My oldest, Aly, is 24 and is my first college graduate! She a Psychology major, and she just amazes me with her compassion for her work. She also enjoys running and one day I hope to be able to keep up at her pace! Chael is 21 and she's a college student working towards a nursing degree. She actually did the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer with me...that's a lot of miles together, and I loved every minute of it! Grace ,20, is in her second year of college as a Dietetics major. She is also a runner, and both of us, along with my daughter, Aly, completed our first Triathlon and Marathon this year.Yeah!! Are we animal lovers? Yes, 2 dogs, a West Highland Terrier, and a Cairn Terrier. Add to that 7 cats, and now you see why I live outside of town...I need a little extra room!So, what do I do for fun? I sure do love to run (maybe another marathon next year??) I love to garden! There's nothing better than dirt under my nails :) My latest passions are Japanese Hydrangeas and Tree Peonies. I also love to read...although, with so little time to read, sometimes it will take me several months to get through just one book!