Woman Enters Lion Den For 2nd Time - Zoo Pressing Charges - Video Here!

A New York woman decided to prove she has nine lives and is legit crazy, by hopping into a Bronx Zoo lion exhibit for the second time in two years-- this time armed with flowers and a wad of cash.

Myah Autrey, who went empty-handed the last time she climbed the fence to perform a sexy dance for one of the lions back in 2019, was more prepared last Thursday. She disguised herself with a blonde wig and entered the enclosure, greeting her feline friend by shouting "King, I love you, I came back for you" while holding out a bouquet of roses.

Autrey, who also reportedly tossed cash into the air as onlookers gawked, fled the scene, but zoo officials say they're planning to press charges.

She definitely needs help.

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