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How to Score a Free Drink on Your Next Flight

Turns out getting a free drink on your flight might be as easy as doing three simple things.

Dallas-based flight attendant Cher Killough shared her tips on TikTok outlining the three simple steps to potentially scoring that coveted free beverage.

Step 1: Pack Like a Pro

According to her, the key to harmonious bin loading is simple: "Bags always go wheels in first or wheels in last unless you’re on a tiny airplane." It's a small adjustment with a big impact, making the boarding process smoother for everyone involved. Master this art, and you're one step closer to beverage bliss.

Step 2: Timing Is Everything

Before making a dash to the lavatory, ensure the seatbelt sign is off and the lavatory sign is green. Ignoring these signals can lead to awkward encounters, as Cher humorously notes, "You’re going to be standing with your butt in my face while I’m trying to sit on my jump seat." Avoiding such mishaps not only benefits you but also keeps the cabin atmosphere pleasant for all.

Step 3: Show Some Safety Savvy

Cher emphasizes the importance of paying attention during the safety demonstration. It’s not just about following protocol; it’s about showing respect and consideration for the crew's efforts. Pulling out that safety information card and giving it a cursory glance might seem like a small gesture, but to Cher, it speaks volumes. "I feel so heard and validated," she says, "that I am very likely to offer you a free drink." So, whether it’s genuine interest or a subtle nod to inflight etiquette, a little attention can go a long way.

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